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Meet the Queen of Angels Staff​


A dedicated and qualified administration, faculty and staff are essential to a successful school.  Queen of Angels is staffed by highly professional, certified teachers.  All of our full-time teachers are permanently certified, and many have completed graduate course work and/or hold masters degrees.  Personal and professional growth is assured by continuing education in the form of seminars, workshops, required Act 48 credits and staff development opportunities.


​Staff Member​Position

​Ursala Kline and Annette Jubert
​Administrative Assistants
Joanne Mastalerz​Business Manager
Ruth Ann Noblick​Public Relations / Publicity Director
Christina Torok​Director of Marketing and Development
Kellie Pedder​3- and 4-year-old Pre-Kindergarten
Sandee Farrell
​Pre-Kindergarten Zoom and Express (Five Day)
Jamie Gill
​3-year-old Pre-Kindergarten
Lori Farrell
4-year-old Pre-Kindergarten 3 Day and All Day Program
Mary Pat Mazik
​Pre-Kindergarten Aide
Kelli Yant
Theresa Wagner
Judy Sawl​Grade 1
Denise Horchar​Grade 2
Karen Longo​Grade 3
Michele Yakel​Grade 4

​Grade 5
Darlene McWilliams​Midddle School
Tyler Randolph​Middle School Religion
Georgiann Mclellan
​Resource Teacher
Patty Christner​Physical Education and Wellness
Judy Fidazzo​Art Instruction / Preschool Class Aide
Shirley Gentile​Spanish
Brenda Osinski​Music / Computers

Jim Pepke

​Facilities Manager
Amy Sacket
​Cafeteria Manager


Board of Pastors

Father John MoineauImmaculate Conception Parish, Irwin
Msgr. V. Paul FitzmauriceSt. Agnes Parish, North Huntingdon
Father John MoineauSt. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, North Huntingdon
Father Michael SikonSt. Barbara Parish, Harrison City

St. Edward Parish, Herminie