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Sending our son to Q of A was the best choice we made for our family. With small classroom sizes he gets great one-on-one time. He has thrived in faith formation and has an understanding of values and an awareness of those around him. He has learned to be kind and giving to others by projects they do in the community. They also understand that children are still children and use a hands-on learning through play approach. Our son has so much fun at school without realizing all that he has learned!
- Kindergarten Parent 

We made the choice to send our children to Queen of Angels Catholic School out of faith and love.  As parents, we feel a responsibility to form our children into faithful Christians.  Queen of Angels provides a great mix of religious and faith-filled learning as well as academics.  For example, in first grade, the children are provided the opportunity for marked learning and begin to focus on their faith.  This is evidenced by learning to pray the Rosary.  One assignment that is sent home is a project where the children work to create a rosary with their family.  It is a wonderful way to have the children not only learn but understand and appreciate all that the Rosary encompasses.  As first graders, they also become proficient in math and reading.  We as parents feel they are encouraged to achieve their individual potential.  The children are also able to express their creativity and learn appreciation for the arts by participating in the annual first and second grade play. In second grade, emphasis is put on the beautiful Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.   It is a time of increased awareness, knowledge, and understanding of our faith.  It is a wonderful opportunity for the children to share this experience as a class and bond with one another as they actively participate in the communion of the saints. The children also continue on their academic journey through second grade as they delve a little more into each subject and prepare for their advancement in learning concepts in third grade. In third grade, faith formation is continually encouraged throughout each subject.  It is comforting to know that as the children continue to advance academically and learn about new things, such as about the solar system, they can also openly discuss and appreciate it as God's creation.  In third grade, greater focus is placed on social studies and science.  One large assignment taken on by the students in this year is the state fair project.  Each child is assigned a different state to research and then presents and represents that state during school in a mock state fair.  It is a fun and amazing way to learn about our great nation. Aside from all these advantages though, there are other wonderful aspects of Queen of Angels that truly make a difference in the eyes of us as parents.  It is the family-like atmosphere of Queen of Angels where parents can genuinely feel that their child is being cared for and appreciated like the individual God created them to be.  It is the faith sharing and formation.  It is the comfort of knowing the children are able to express concerns in daily prayer, hear the daily reading of the Gospel, and are encouraged to love and live their faith in their daily lives.  As parents, we feel grateful and blessed to have our children at Queen of Angels.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 -The Katona Family

 My husband and I decided to send our girls to Catholic school when our oldest was in preschool; they are now in fifth and first grade. We couldn't be happier with our decision for their education. They are getting not only a great education but growing in our catholic faith as well. Our family enjoys the warm and personal setting of Queen of Angels Catholic School, where you feel like family! The teachers my girls have had over the years at Queen of Angels have been exceptional. They expressed genuine concern for children academically, socially and personally. They make learning fun and inviting through special projects like the museum of famous people, the pop bottle project, field trips and more. Our girls are not only receiving an outstanding education they are growing into respectful young ladies with the solid spiritual foundation. We look forward to watching them grow in all aspects of life at Queen of Angels.

                                                                                                                                                                                             - The Geric Family

 As a graduate of Greensburg Central Catholic High School, I continuously thank the Lord every day for my parents who sacrificed and provided an opportunity for their 3 daughters to receive a private Catholic education from grades K-12.  Through their love and dedication we were blessed to be taught at a young age the morals, beliefs and respect of our faith.  This faith was our foundation and still lives in all of us today.  The instilled values that I have taken with me throughout the years, brought me here to the Immaculate Conception Parish so that I may continue my family belief in a Catholic education with my own two children.  As students of the Queen of Angels Catholic School, I can see through the demeanor of my children the love and light of the Lord as they talk about their school day, the songs they sing after the all school liturgy mass every Tuesday, the stories of religion class with Fr. John and Fr. Alvin, the bible stories they share and the friendship of their fellow classmates.  Queen of Angels may be small in numbers but the school community is large due to the respect and support we share with one another.  It is a joy to be in a school community, such as Queen of Angels.  The dedicated teachers and staff get to know each student from a small age.  They help in the participation and preparation of molding a spiritual stepping stone and in the etching of a path for the children to follow as disciples of the Lord.  It is my belief, Catholic School is not only about a quality education, but also about the daily development of the Lord's teachings and the morals and values of everyday life.  It is indeed a sacrifice to put a child through Catholic schools but the sacrifices made by each and every parent that choose to send their child will never go unmerited.  With the intercession of the Lord and many sacrifices, I hope to continue the Catholic School formation of my children.  It's my blessing to be part of Queen of Angels Catholic School and a member of Immaculate Conception parish.  I want to thank all parishioners and any and everyone who selflessly contributes and supports fundraising activities to enhance the Catholic school education of our young children.  There are few words to express our heartfelt appreciation. Thank you!

                                                                                                                                                                                                            -Robin Mull

"We are so blessed to have had Queen of Angels preschool as my son's first experience.  The teachers and staff are beyond wonderful and fostered a sense of lifelong learning that will carry him throughout his education."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                -Stephanie Brentzel

"We have sent all 5 of our children to Queen of Angels Preschool.  In a world of increasing academic pressure, the play-based curriculum allows our children to grow and thrive the way that 3,4,and 5 year old's should.  The teachers are so loving and creative, helping to build not only academic and life skills but also self confidence, which will follow them the rest of their lives!" 

-Susan Cheplic