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​Queen of Angels strives to provide a well-balanced curriculum aligned with the National, Pennsylvania State Standards, and the Diocese of Greensburg curriculum guides.  Children are challenged to develop their full potential with an inquiring mind while giving special attention to the integration of Catholic values.

The past three years have seen the ambitious undertaking of updating the science, math, language arts, and technology programs at Queen of Angels.  In K - 6th, the FOSS Next Generation Science Program was added to help students, over years, develop a sophisticated way to think about core ideas in science.  Students develop a deep, durable understanding of science concepts and principles through authentic investigation, analysis, and reflection. When FOSS is blended with special programs such as PJAS, PRSEF, Challenger Mission and Mad Science, student interest is expanded, problem solving and collaboration are promoted while subject content integrates to build student strengths. 

The math program has embraced a philosophy towards teaching and learning where classrooms are learning communities that foster a culture of thinking.  This vision drives our instructional practices to provide cognitive challenges through "minds-on" real-life enrichment experiences throughout all classrooms. Through the use of essential questions, our language arts teachers are targeting understanding towards important transferable ideas that are worth understanding as the questions also provide the means for exploring those ideas through narratives, technical research, persuasion, expository, and responses to text. Teams of teachers meet regularly to support student needs.  The teams take a highly personal approach to knowing every child individually and this collaboration is key to developing high quality instruction in language arts and writing, mathematics, science, and social studies.  

To augment these advances, I pads have been issued to all students in grades K-3 and laptops have been issued to all students in grades 4-8.

With the guidance of the Office of Catholic Schools, the administration and faculty are currently working on reinvigorating the curriculums in all content areas.