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 Tuition Policy

​The Office of Catholic Schools has coordinated a tuition policy to be utilized by the Catholic schools within the Diocese of Greensburg. This policy has been established to ensure that the tuition procedures and guidelines are consistent and fair among families with children attending Catholic schools within the diocese. This policy has been implemented by the Office of Catholic Schools under the approval of the superintendent of Catholic Schools. The Office for Catholic Schools reserves the right to adjust this policy and coinciding procedures as deemed necessary.

 Establishing Tuition

​The applicable school administration works with the Office of Catholic Schools to establish a tuition rate that is representative of the school budget needs. The tuition rate is also a product of the communities and families that we serve. Tuition is not the only revenue source to fund Catholic school education. The school revenues also include diocesan contributions, parish-supported financial aid, business partnerships, and local fundraising.

 Tuition Planning and Payment Schedule

​Schools establish and announce their tuition rate for the following school year. Tuition rates are established based on budgetary needs and enrollment.

End of January - beginning of February - Catholic schools open their application process for the upcoming school year and FACTS application forms are available for parents/guardians to submit for financial aid. If families have applied to FACTS by March 15, and the student attends the school during the upcoming school year, the FACTS application fee will be deducted from the student's tuition.

End of May - Once parents/guardians have completed their financial aid (FACTS) application process and this information has been verified, tuition award letters are disseminated by the school to parents/guardians, denoting the tuition amount with any scholarships and financial aid awards.

June 30 - Last date for returning families to apply for financial aid. New families apply for financial aid upon enrollment.

July 10 - Last date for returning the Tuition Payment Contract. No financial aid is guaranteed following this date.

Options for payment:

  • One lump sum payment by August 15 of the upcoming school year.
  • Two equal payments - The first payment is due by August 15 of the upcoming school year and the second payment is due by January 15 of the current school year.
  • Monthly payment plan on FACTS that will bring the balance to zero by June 30, or earlier, or the school year completed in June.
  • Any of the above options, but paid through a credit card. If a credit card payment method is chosen, an additional service fee may be charged and this service fee will be announced on an annual basis.
  • No cash will be accepted for payment. Payment must be made by check, money order, or credit card.
  • An approved (by school administration) combination of the above options.

The chosen method for payment must be indicated on the Tuition Payment Agreement, signed and returned by the parents/guardian.

 Tuition Payment in Default

​If payment is not made, for whatever reason, the following process will be followed:
  1. The parents/guardians will be notified in writing of the payment not being received.
  2. The parents/guardians will be given 20 calendar days to bring the account to the current status or meet with the school administration to have an adjusted payment contract approved (not a guarantee).
  3. If the account is not brought to current status, and an adjusted payment contract is not agreed upon and approved by the school administration, the student enrollment will cease after the 20th day.

The parents/guardians must agree to the following:

  • To pay all amounts due under the tuition payment agreement/policy. If another person is responsible to pay any part of the amount due for the child(ren), and she/he fails to pay when due, the parents/guardians must agree to pay all amounts due immediately upon notification by the school;
  • To pay for the entire semester if the child(ren) leave before that semester is completed;
  • To abide by the student-parent handbook and know that if the child(ren) violates any portion of the student-parent handbook and/or is removed or expelled from the school for any reason consistent with the student-parent handbook or Office of Catholic Schools policy, then the parents/guardians are not entitled to a proportionate refund of tuition. In addition, the parents/guardians are legally responsible for paying any tuition owed at the time the child(ren) stopped attending the school.
  • To be legally responsible for paying the tuition described above according to the tuition payment agreement and within the applicable timeframes. The school may take any action available and consistent with applicable law in order to collect unpaid tuition owed by the parents/guardians including, but not limited to, withholding academic transcripts.

 Transfer of Students with Past Balance

​​No students will be accepted to any Catholic school within the Diocese of Greensburg if they are carrying a past due balance from any other Catholic school within the Diocese of Greensburg.